What is Bragmo?

Bragmo is THE personal sales data platform where salespeople privately track performance metrics for continual visibility throughout their career. This is crucially important as your career matures and future hiring managers want a good understanding of how you've performed over time. Like athletics, sales is highly performance-based. But salespeople don't have the luxury of trading cards tracking every stat. Now we do... it's called Bragmo. And now employers will come looking for you instead of you looking for them.

Completely Private:

All profile details are protected from external visibility unless decided otherwise.

Anonymously Transparent:

Employers and hiring managers search anonymous compiled stats. This allows for exposure without being exposed.

Fully Controlled:

Employer searches only reveal anonymized stats. Access requests are made to anonymous profiles whose stats are appealing. Accept the request to start a conversation. Or decline and remain hidden.

If you just want to track your sales career, do so in complete privacy. Or if an incoming request comes in, you might just find the opportunity of a lifetime.

Bragmo puts YOU in control of the engagement.